The Ecopoetics of a Bowhead Whale

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3 responses to “The Ecopoetics of a Bowhead Whale

  1. Peter

    At one time, whale song was able to travel hundreds of miles, and some scientists think whales could have communicated across the Atlantic. But now, due to noise pollution and other pollution in the oceans, the songs travel only a fraction of that distance.

    I bring this up because of recent work in the rhetorical canon of delivery that attempts to redefine delivery as circulation. I wonder how this idea of a whale song delivered and the circulated through the ocean might further ideas of ecopoetics––how are these animals delivering and circulating their poetics, and what role do humans have in that rhetorical act? It seems, in the case of the whales, we are stifling it.



    I like the concept of delivery as circulation, especially as it pertains to animal rhetoric. Such a concept can further illuminate how many species are rhetorical/poetic beings: elephants, cetaceans, wolves–really, any social animal.

  3. . . . and unsocial cats

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